Expert diagnosis of gastroenterological conditions

If you have been experiencing gastroenterological symptoms for a while now, it is highly recommended to seek the help from a specialist that understands in depth the conditions that these symptoms could be related to.

Many people learn to live with minor symptoms, particularly things like heartburn or indigestion, constipation or diarrhoea and bloating or gas.

Even mild symptoms are worth diagnosis with a doctor or specialist though, as many gastroenterological conditions can be easily treated.

There is typically a reason why you are experiencing any pain or discomfort and through routine examinations, and advice on the best treatment, it could make your life a little more comfortable, and prevent any condition from worsening.

For more complex conditions it is always essential to receive the help you deserve through specialist diagnosis, examinations and effective treatment.

In almost all circumstances early diagnosis of a health problem can help to ensure the right course of action is taken.

This means you can feel reassured that you have received expert advice and can manage your condition more effectively.

Early diagnosis is the key focus

The key focus of a specialist gastroenterologist is to provide an accurate and early diagnosis of gastro-related conditions, through consultation and effective testing.

A sympathetic doctor patient relationship is vital too as some symptoms are sensitive and embarrassing for the patient to talk about.

Do not be concerned. There are many people just like you, experiencing the same, or similar symptoms. Diagnosis is the first step to being able to better manage your condition and receive the right treatment for you.

During diagnosis you will:

  • Be fully informed of all options during diagnosis
  • Get involved at every step of the decision making process regarding treatment choices
  • Hear diagnosis and treatment options in a way you can understand – no medical terminology without explanation.
  • Receive personal and individual care
  • Be encouraged to fully express how you feel, through having a safe and confidential environment to talk

Also, if you have a family history of gastroenterological conditions and have questions relating to prevention and early signs, then please arrange an appointment.

For many years patients have been coming to Dr Anton Bungay for expert advice regarding stomach and gut issues, and for guidance on digestive health.

The process

  • Arrange an appointment at the practice most convenient for you
  • Dr Anton Bungay will carry out a thorough examination followed by expert advice on your symptoms
  • If further testing is required this will be explained to you so you are always fully aware of the next steps
  • After care is available if you have any questions following the consultation.

Effective treatment and procedures may include:

Important information